Team building, made smart.

We help people find the right games, and help games find the right people. Making games is time consuming, and every hour counts. Why not supercharge the experience?

Built for all game developers

Game developers come first. Whether you're an Artist or Writer, we make it easy for you to find your match.

Easy-to-use interface

Save time and eliminate confusion. We left useful tips and examples to help you setup your profile/game.

Connect straight to your DMs

When someone is interested in you or your game, they send a request straight to your Discord DMs.

Made smart

You tell us what your passion is, and we match you with like-minded people and similar game projects.

Get started quickly

Our profile and game builder was made with you in mind. We took a top to bottom approach for getting set up, with easily selectable options, helpful tooltips, and examples for you to follow.

We made finding fun

Find members and games that match your interests using our filtered search lists, or let our algorithm make recommendations. We made browsing for your next project frictionless and confusion-free.

Connecting is just as easy

When you've found your match, you can send them a Discord request and get right into the networking. We're pretty awkward as well, so we'll be working on some conversational tips that everyone can use to get started. Soon™